Start Late, Finish Ahead


Starting late might mean you're behind your competition but it doesn't mean you can't catch up. For example, I didn't begin taking ballet classes until I was twelve years old, while most of my peer group started as young as three. Begin by learning the fundamentals and basics. These help you create a strong base of knowledge and skill. 

1) Have patience as the main ingredient in your goals. You want steady, unwavering devotion to your craft.

2) Check your ego at the door and join a class of beginner level students despite whether they are younger than you so you can master the basics.

3) If you have natural facilities and abilities then the only other thing you need to bring to the table is determination. And it may take every bit of determination you have got. You have to go all-in. 

Sometimes a late start ignites a larger passion because you are fresh and uninhibited. You are eager and not complacent. You are absorbing like a sponge at high speed and not assuming. Now go get your running sneakers (or ballet slippers) on for the race!