Could your passion use a sidekick?

In chapter 9, “Geoffrey Beene,” my adventures in modeling are introduced with a bit of an unexpected bang. Though the audition – and extraordinary gig that followed – seemed to come out of left field, it made sense to me and to those who knew me well. Because as dedicated as I was to ballet, my head and heart were still open to other pursuits. My commitment to the company did not have to be to the total exclusion of other interests; in fact, I was certain that exploration of other forms of art would only enhance my “focusedcraft.” Don’t be afraid to have ambitions beside or beyond dance. I know, I know… that is a bit of a blind spot to the hopelessly devoted like you. But there comes a day for all of us when we simply can’t go as hard with our practice and performances. Consider how you can play a non-performance role in the dance universe. Maybe you’d like to pursue ballet photography. Or open a studio. Think about classes you can take now – business, multi-media, choreography – that would help you gather enthusiastic steam and make that transition possible later on. Perhaps there’s an opportunity for an internship at a theater or industry publication. Don’t bite off more than you can chew, but trust yourself to fit in companion ambitions where you can. Keep lines of communication open with teachers, parents, and other stakeholders to avoid conflicts. And know that you are not cheating your dream, but rather mapping out a way to keep it alive longer.